Christopher Smith, 16, Alphonso Thompson, killed in New Carrollton

Two victims were killed in New Carrollton overnight, including a 16-year-old boy.

Neighbors in the 5000 block of 78th Avenue say they heard arguing, screams and a gunshot.

When police arrived they found the body of 23-year-old Alphonso Thompson, Jr. lying in the grass next to this home.

People who live here say this neighborhood has been taken over by drugs and gangs.

“The neighborhood has changed for the worse over the past five years and now this,” says Barbara Curtis. “This is the worst."

Thompson was pronounced dead on the scene. He was found by the crew of the ambulance that had found the first victim, 16-year-old Christopher Smith.{ } Smith was found in the grass by a playground.

“Finding two people shot to death 45 minutes apart and that closely together is highly unusual,” says Prince George’s County Police spokeswoman Julie Parker.

Smith was a junior at C.H. Flower High School. Friends were shocked to hear about his murder and wondered why anyone would want to kill him.

“It's a little slight sadness,” said Montgomery Harris. “There's a lot of death in youth nowadays.”