Christopher Rigby shot, killed in Stafford County money dispute

A 29-year-old homeless man was shot and killed during a struggle in a Falmouth parking lot late Tuesday night, allegedly because the man was angry about not getting money from the shooter, authorities say.

Stafford County Sheriff's officials say the shooting happened at about 11 p.m. Tuesday in the parking lot of Earl's Shopping center in the 300 block of Chatham Heights Road in Falmouth. Detectives say the incident started when the homeless man, identified as Christopher Rigby, went up to a car where a man and woman were talking to ask for money.

After being told no, Rigby walked away, but returned about 15 minutes later, officials say. When he came back, Rigby allegedly lunged through the driver's side window and tried to stab the man.

During the course of the attack, police say that the driver, who holds a concealed weapons permit, was able to get a handgun out of the glove compartment. He then fired at Rigby, killing him.

Sheriff's officals say that another man who fled the scene, who describes himself as Rigby's friend, said that Rigby had grown enraged that the man in the car had not given him money and returned to seek revenge. The witness also described Rigby as the aggressor in the incident.

The shooter was not seriously injured during the struggle. He has not been charged, but the shooting is still under investigation.