Christopher Martin sentenced to 29 years for mother's murder

      (WJLA) - A Washington man was sentenced Friday to 29 years in prison for murdering his mother in 2010.{}

      Prosecutors say Christopher Martin, 27, stabbed Patricia Ann Martin, 58, to death inside a home on 4th Street SE on May 20, 2010.{}

      According to police, Martin's younger brother{}escaped from a second-floor window of the home and told a neighbor that he had been beaten by his brother and that his mother had been stabbed.{}

      When police entered the apartment, it became apparent that Martin had tried to conceal his crime. Police say{}the{}victim's{}body was covered by several blankets, cleanser, dryer sheets, bleach, odor-eating gels, and{}room deodorizers.

      Martin was arrested and charged. In June, he was found guilty of second-degree murder while armed, assault with a deadly weapon, and simple assault.