Christopher Ballard, set to testify, killed in SE D.C.

Forty-eight hours before 38-year-old Christopher Ballard was set to testify in an armed carjacking trial, Ballard was found shot to death in Southeast D.C. Police say it was murder.

Around 2:15 Saturday morning, a 6th District police officer heard gunfire break out, raced to the intersection of 53rd and E streets Southeast and found Ballard in the street.

Some neighbors said they thought the blasts were fireworks.

ABC7 News has learned Ballard was set to testify Monday at D.C. Superior Court. According to court records, Ballard and another man were carjacked at gunpoint last December in the same neighborhood.

Records show two men walked up and said “Get out of the car, but Ballard and the passenger refused."

Detectives said as Ballard pulled away, one of the carjackers fired multiple shots at the car striking at least three times.

After the carjacking, court records show Ballard flagged down a passing police cruiser and identified one of the carjackers as an individual nicknamed "Unc" and that led police to Delonte Smith who was arrested, is behind bars, and now on trial in the case.

As for smith's alleged accomplice, five days after the carjacking on December 16h, public records reveal he was murdered in strange twist. He was gunned down at the very same intersection as Christopher Ballard.