Christian Taylor sentenced to 80 years for killing Ming-Kun Chih, Li Jen Chih

(Photo courtesy time pearce via Flickr)

A D.C. man convicted of killing a father and son during a robbery in 2010 was sentenced to 80 years behind bars on Thursday.

Christian Taylor, 27, was previously convicted on charges of felony murder while armed, first-degree premeditated murder while armed, armed robbery and second-degree burglary while armed., U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen, Jr. said.

“This defendant killed a father and a son who were simply working in their family’s store on a summer afternoon, and terrorized customers during a brazen robbery,” said Machen in a statement. “The community needs to be protected from violent predators like Christian Taylor, and the sentence today will keep him behind bars for 80 years for this brutal and callous crime.”

According to court documents, 59-year-old Ming-Kun Chih and 32-year-old Li Jen Chih were working in their family's Northeast store on June 23, 2010 when Taylor entered. The store, Lida Wholesale Market, is located in the 1200 block of Fifth Street NE.

Displaying a gun, Taylor approached the younger Chih, who was behind the counter, and ordered him to place money from the register into a bag.

During the robbery, both father and son were shot. Li Jen was pronounced dead at the store. His father died several hours later at an area hospital.

Police found Taylor using surveillance footage from the store's cameras, eyewitness reports, as well as evidence he left behind at the store.

“This brazen robbery occurred during business hours and resulted in the loss of two lives,” said MPD Chief Cathy Lanier. “We put everything we had in finding the person responsible for this tragedy and it is appropriate that he will be held accountable for this senseless and horrific crime.

Members of the Chih family left the courthouse with little to say.

"Were you satisfied with the verdict, the sentence…sort of, sort of,” says one family member.

One of Taylor's relatives expressed remorse for their brother’s actions.

"Remorseful for his family for the people who lost their lives. But I really don't have no comment,” said one.