Chris Cummings: Family of slain congressman's nephew turn to psychic

With no leads in the murder of a Maryland Congressman’s nephew, a family desperate for answers is turning to the supernatural for clues.

Police said they’re taking the new information, generated during a séance, about Chris Cummings’ murder, seriously.

Cummings, with a 3.5 grade point average, was set to enter his junior year at Old Dominion University. More than six weeks ago he was shot and killed in his off campus house.

Norfolk police believe it was a random attack.

Despite repeated public pleas for help from his family – including his uncle, Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings – the case is unsolved.

Cummings’ sister sought the help of four psychics in Boston and held the séance last week. New leads from the séance include a possible motive, a possible license plate number and descriptions of the suspects who shot and killed Cummings.

Police aren’t ignoring the information.

"We use tips regardless of who they come from,” said Chris Amos, of the Norfolk Police Department. “We use tips we follow leads."