Chris Cox to receive donations after working on Lincoln Memorial during shutdown

Cox traveled from South Carolina to Washington to tend to the Lincoln Memorial grounds. Photo: BBC/

(WJLA) - The South Carolina man who took it upon himself to keep the grounds of the Lincoln Memorial looking good during the government shutdown is getting a new chainsaw.

A fundraising effort for Chris Cox, the man who was spotted in October tending to the area around the Memorial with a chain saw and lawn mower, received more than $1,900 in donations from 73 donors through the donation site

He'll be presented with the donations on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday, where he'll receive the new chainsaw and money to cover the costs of both leaving his woodcutting business, damage to his equipment and hundreds of dollars in parking tickets.

Cox told WNEW that he felt obligated to undertake the work while National Park Service workers were furloughed during the 16-day government shutdown.

"These are our memorials," he said. "Do they think that we're just going to let them go to hell? No."

For a time, United States Park Police officers let him work, but eventually, they asked him to move on.