Singer Chris Brown's bodyguard on trial for assault charges in D.C.

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - On Thursday, we got our first glimpse of Parker Adams – the 20-year-old Beltsville man who prosecutors say was punched by singer Chris Brown and Brown’s security guard, 35-year-old Chris Hollosy, outside the W Hotel last year in D.C.

Hollosy’s simple assault trial began today, and with it came new detail about that October night during Howard University’s homecoming.

Adams said he was outside the hotel with his girlfriend, a Howard student who also took the stand today, and one of her friends. When the two women saw Chris Brown walking towards his parked tour bus, they asked if he would take a picture with them.

Parker said that Brown replied, “One picture, make it quick,” Parker also added in court: “I thought I might as well hop into the picture.”

Then, Brown allegedly said, “I am not into that gay ----.”

“I was surprised by what he said,” said Parker.

It was after that comment the situation allegedly turned violent. Prosecutors argued that Parker then replied to the pop star; “Why are you ho-ing with me?” Parker explained that this was a term he and his friends used to describe someone that’s acting like a “ho,” insisting that it was not a threat or an invitation to fight.

Parker said that was when Brown clocked him, and other witnesses said Parker never hit back. Parker testified, “I squared up in a defensive stance, and that was when Brown reportedly started hopping around like he was Floyd Mayweather. As I put my dukes up, that is when the bodyguard stood in between us and slugged me."

Holloys’ defense team argued the case boiled down to money, repeatedly pointing out the fact that Parker Adams has a pending $3 million civil suit against Brown and Hollosy. Defense lawyers said Adams provoked the incident, and now wants to get paid.