Chris Brown misdemeanor: Uncle says Brown was targeted

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Few people in Washington D.C. know Chris Brown as well as his uncle, Kevin Brown. He lives in Capitol Heights, Maryland, and received a call early Sunday morning with the news of his nephew’s arrest.

“Knowing him, he didn't hit the guy," said Kevin. "I was shocked...basically figured he was targeted."

Brown claims his nephew’s infamy made him a prime target for the police, the media, and the victim. He spoke with the 24-year-old about the ordeal, but didn’t go into details about what happened exactly.

"He was upbeat, same normal guy, same person," he explained. "He was upbeat, he was cool."

Kevin Brown owns a barber shop in Southeast D.C., but spent all of Monday in the courthouse with the singer and other family members.

"Support, family support -- we stick by each other, we were there all day yesterday," said Kevin.

The Grammy-winning artist was released Monday night from police custody after the felony assault charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

He and a bodyguard had been arrested after a fight outside the W Hotel early Sunday.

A lawyer for the victim, Parker Adams, said on Tuesday that his client is now out of the hospital, but that his injuries will require several more follow-up hospital visits.

Still, it is Chris Brown who is getting sympathy from many in the area today.

"He's not getting a good break right now, he really isn't; it seems like everything he does is blown up, like out of proportion," said fan Rorye.