Chris Brown assault trial delayed until bodyguard's appeal is complete

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - It was a large and diverse crowd that showed up outside a D.C. courtroom Wednesday for what many expected would be the start of singer Chris Brown's assault trial.

From Hollywood attorneys to Chris Brown's family -- including his mother, who stopped to snap a few pictures with fans -- to the man whom prosecutors argue Chris Brown punched, they all waited in unusually long courthouse lines, only to walk out roughly two hours later Wednesday after the singer's trial was postponed, yet again.

This time, the postponement is likely to last months.

"I think all of this is much ado about nothing, and frankly, I look forward to being able to try this at some point. And yes, to whomever asked - it's frustrating," said Brown's defense attorney Mark Geragos, outside the courtroom.

Both Chris Brown and his bodyguard, Chris Hollosy, have been charged with punching one of the singer's fans, plaintiff Parker Adams, outside of the W Hotel in D.C. last October.

The men asked for separate trials so that Hollosy could testify at Brown's trial on his behalf. However, all that hit a snag on Monday when Hollosy was found guilty. Hollosy then refused to testify at the singer's trial, which was supposed to start immediately after Hollosy's verdict on Monday.

Hollosy is reportedly taking the fifth amendment because he wants to appeal, so he can't take the stand in another trial and possibly incriminate himself.

The government had the option to grant Hollosy immunity but - according to court documents, because Hollosy refuses to meet to debrief with them, and because prosecutors feel he'll potentially perjure himself by saying he was the only one who punched the victim - they didn't make the offer.

"The cynic in me would say, apparently, it's not a search for the truth, because if they wanted the truth, they would give Hollosy immunity and allow him to testify," Geragos said.

The fan at the center of it all let his lawyer do the talking as well.

"As my client said on the stand a few days ago, this is all about justice," said Parker Adams' attorney, Vincent Napoleon.

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