Suspect tries to steal car with toddler inside

{ }A woman pumping gas in NE D.C. Wednesday faced a nightmare when a suspect jumped into her vehicle and drove off – with her infant still in the backseat.

Police are searching for two suspects, the alleged carjacker and a person believe to have been in a getaway vehicle.

The mother was at a gas station filling up her Porsche SUV in the 5500 block of South Dakota Avenue Northeast at about 3 p.m. when the suspect took her vehicle.

The SUV was discovered several blocks away with the child still inside. The 13-months-old girl was unharmed. It appears the suspect only intending a carjacking, not a kidnapping, police say.

Andre Lee says he sees police officers at the gas station on a nightly basis.

"You would not think that would happen here because of the situation of police being here at all times,” Lee said.

Police say when the suspect abandoned the vehicle, it’s believed he got into a green Infinite G3.

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