Child porn lawsuit: Mother goes after those who viewed her children on Internet

(WJLA) - The trauma this Maryland woman's children have lived through is something she will never shake. Six years ago, at ages four and six, the children were abused by their father.

That crime alone is heinous enough, but what’s worse is that their images were then spread all over the internet in the form of child pornography.

"It's terrifying actually...there's nothing anyone can do to make sure every single image has been eradicated forever," she says.

The good thing is that this mother can take action against those who have viewed them, and now she is talking for the first time after filing a civil lawsuit in federal court.

She is going after dozens of men convicted in cases involving her children's images – including former Alexandria fourth grade teacher Justin Coleman, and former George Washington professor Diego Fasolini. There are also close to 100 John Does from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia who were named.

And this mother is on a mission to spread a message:

"There's actual people behind the Internet. The Internet is not just a bunch of electronics. There are actual people involved in this and actions have consequences."

It’s a price to pay for the pain caused to her children, who have bounced back against the odds. They are athletes, students, and churchgoers with many friends and a full life.

And this mother with conviction is seeking more than just criminal punishment in a court of law – she's standing up against the crimes of the past and pushing her children to move forward.

"Life goes on, this does not have to be the defining moment in their lives forever," she says.