Chick-fil-A University of Maryland petition wants restaurant off campus

Photo: Flickr/link576

The latest salvo in the national debate over Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy's stance on same-sex marriage may be coming from the University of Maryland (UMd.).

The recent protests against Chick-fil-A nationwide following the statements by the company's CEO opposing same-sex marriage prompted the largest gay and lesbian organization on campus to launch a protest of its own.

"Even though we might not be able to remove them from campus, we at least want to signal we are dissatisfied, and we want change," said Rodrigo lozada, the president of UMd.'s Pride Alliance.

The group would like to see Chick-fil-A removed from the campus, but the university has one year left on its contract with the food chain. UMd. has no plans to shut down the location before that date.

Even though the kiosk is one of the top preforming restaurants on campus, the school says it's sensitive to the feelings of all of its students.

The Pride Alliance is circulating an online petition and plans to hold protests throughout the year.