Cheverly Police investigate string of daytime burglaries

From surveillance video. Cheverly Police.

Police in one Prince George's County town hope surveillance video will help them catch suspects in a series of burglaries taking place in broad daylight.

Cheverly Police say the same group of suspects may be linked to as many as seven burglaries in the town since last month, and are likely doing the same thing in other towns.

Detective Bernard Jones says the suspects always do the same thing. They knock on the front door of a home during the day when they hope the owners will be at work. If no one answers they go to the back or side of the home and break in.

They then take their time stealing as much stuff as they want.

"All the kitchen cabinets are open. The bathroom has been ransacked. Every bedroom has been ransacked," Detective Jones said. "Things you wouldn't normally see a burglar touch, these guys are doing."

Cheverly is a small town of just over 6,000 people that has one of the lowest crime rates in Prince George's County.

Resident Demetria Thurman, who police believe is the latest victim of the burglary ring, says she's now afraid whenever she hears noise outside.

"There was a time that I wasn't, but I am now," Thurman said.

The crooks may have made a big mistake; one of the homes they burglarized had four surveillance cameras that caught some of their faces on camera.

The video reveals the burglar's plot, police say. The suspect, who police have dubbed "Batman," first knocks on the door.{ } when no one answers, he takes a propane tank and smashes through the entryway.

In one robbery, the suspect stayed in the house for nearly 90 minutes, left, then comes back later with two more people.

Police also have surveillance video from a Seat Pleasant Radio Shack and a gas station that shows the faces of men they believe are connected to the case.

They're hoping someone will call and help them identify the suspects. There's a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of two of them.

They say you can give an anonymous tip by calling 1-866-411-TIPS, or you can text information to CRIMES (274637). Start the text with "PGPD."

You can also go to to submit a tip online.

Tom Roussey contributed to this report.