Cherry blossoms still shy of color, but draw large crowds

Photo: Steve Chenevey/ABC7

Though the cherry blossoms are still a bit shy, they’re showing enough color to thrill their winter weary fans.

The Tidal Basin saw heavy traffic and crowds Friday with people anxious to see the blossoms and get the reassurance that winter is really over. Warmer temperatures are coaxing the bashful blossoms to reveal themselves, but instead of a burst of color, they’re showing only a glimpse of what’s to come.

After a winter that didn’t want to loosen its grip on the region, the crowd at the Tidal Basin took in a sure sign of spring.

“I can’t wait to see them some more,” says Sandra Whitingham of D.C.

Jerry Connelly planned to fulfill his dream to see the nation’s capital at its very best, but the persistent cold weather led to some scrambling.

“I kept changing the flights, changing the hotel,” he says. “I think I had four hotel reservations at one time.

Connelly hopes to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom before he heads back to Florida.

“By Tuesday I want to see those pictures where everything is white [and] puffy like everything in the pictures,” he says.

Charles Upton decided to make the trip from Baltimore even though the blossoms are far from full bloom.{ }

“We came today because during the weekend there is even more traffic,” he says.{ }

Organizers say it's better to use public transportation like the Metro or Metrobus to avoid congestion on the streets.

The peak of the blossoms may come a few weeks after the initial prediction, but no matter when they arrive, the brief period from first appearance to disappearance always provides a thrill.

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