Cherry blossoms reach peak bloom and so does traffic

Cherry blossoms reach peak bloom and so does traffic. (ABC7 photo)

Just in time for Easter and out-of-town visitors the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin have reached peak bloom, according to the National Park Service.

But with all of the beautiful flowers comes an ugly traffic situation.

Fourteen-year-old Rockville resident Justin Lingham said, "It's just crazy, like traffic everywhere. You know, everyone trying to get places."

For many locals, the peak bloom period signals tourist season.

D.C. resident Fred Dever said, "The traffic has been terrible."

If you don't care for bumper-to-bumper traffic, or wall-to-wall people, a new website calledD.C. Cherry Pickermight be the perfect solution. The site works by locating the nearest blossoms in your neighborhood.

Website developer Andrew McGill said, "If you do live in D.C., you can see a cherry tree just walking outside your house, so I expect locals are the ones who will use it the most."

McGill created the mapping system using DDOT tree data.

"It has all the coordinates for them and I kind of uploaded that to my own database," he said.

McGill has a full-time job as an editor at The Atlantic. His web programming is just a hobby.

But with more than 5,000 unique visits to his website so far this year, he may look to expand the website next year. He's also considering developing an app.

Casey Trees, a group working to restore Washington's tree canopy, has created a mapof all the trees planted in D.C.

And if you' don't want to leave you're home at all, you can always check out the cherry blossom onEarthcam.

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