Cherry blossoms finally put on a show

Photo: Kendis Gibson/ABC7

The perfect weather and the blooming cherry blossoms have made the Tidal Basin the place to be. If you haven’t made it out there yet, there’s still time.

After weeks of anticipation, the nearly 2,000 cherry trees that line the Tidal Basin have finally started to put on a show.

“It’s beautiful, especially this section where you’re enclosed by the trees,” says Debbie Storey of Manassas. “This is my favorite part.”

The National Park Service initially expected the trees to reach their peak the week of March 26, but later pushed it back to April 3. Finally they just stopped trying to predict when the trees would peak this year.

“Amazing, but it’s frustrating at the same point because you are constantly waiting for it to bloom and bloom and it’s on again, off again, on again,” says Kristen Chubbuck of Leesburg.

Peak bloom, when 70 percent of the trees are blooming, is still expected later this week, but Monday’s showing was enough to satisfy those who traveled thousands of miles to see the trees.

“This year, very good timing for us because I come from Vietnam and perfect timing,” says Danny Than.

So many expected peak bloom would have been last weekend. Roads around the Tidal Basin were virtual parking lots and parking spots were practically hard to find. That’s part of the reason why Leesburg resident Susan Linhart has stayed away the last 40 years.

“I think I take this area for granted because it’s close and you just don’t appreciate what you have so close by,” she says.