Cherry blossom bloom: Peak bloom expected April 3 to April 6

First time visitors to the Tidal Basin Erin Lazoen and Diane Cartwright booked their trip here two weeks ago following the earlier predictions for peak bloom.

But there weren’t too many cherry blossoms in full bloom yet.

“If they bloom by Thursday we'll get to see them,” Cartwright says. “But even if they don't there's much great things here we're still having a great time.”

Indeed, there's plenty blooming around the Tidal Basin right now.

The saucer magnolia caught the eye of amateur photographer Susana Quinonez. Her prediction for arrival of the real star flower? Thursday.

The latest National Park Service predictions has Wednesday through Saturday as the peak bloom for the trees. But an indicator tree that usually blooms one week ahead of the thousands of other cherry trees reached its peak bloom last Saturday.

It may be too late for the many tourists.

“This is going be our first time coming up to see them,” says Richmond tourist George Lynch. “There'll always be another time, next year.”