Cherissa Jackson returns from Afghanistan to surprise daughters, Ashley, Anita

Capt. Cherissa Jackson returned home from Afghanistan today to her two unsuspecting twin daughters.

Ashley and Anita Lee were putting together packages for their mother's U.S. Air Force unit at a Gaithersburg, Md., Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their mother,{ }Capt. Cherissa Jackson, is a critical care nurse stationed in Afghanistan.

The girls thought they were going to be Skyping with their mother, but instead got some real-life hugs.

Jackson, who has been gone since June on her fourth deployment, flew home on Tuesday to surprise her twin 17-year-old daughters in person.

WATCH the tearful reunion above.

"When she's been gone this whole time, it's been really, really hard and I just missed her so much," Ashley said.

Jackson, a single mom, left her daughters with trusted friends while she served in Afghanistan.

To add to the surprise reunion, Jackson's sisters and parents arrived from South Carolina and Florida.

"Half the time I [don't] even watch TV, especially when they are talking about something about Afghanistan," said Jackson's mother, Pearlie Jackson.

And, as if the day couldn't get any better, Ashley and Anita--both honor roll students at Richard Montgomery High School--each received $20,000 college scholarships from KFC. Both hope to attend Towson State. Ashley would like to become a pediatrician and Anita would like to study sports medicine.

Jackson will retire from the Air Force next year. In the meantime, she will work at the Bethesda facility and go back to just being a mom.