Chef Alli Sosna formed Microgreens to teach kids to eat healthy on a budget

D.C. chef and caterer Alli Sosna is in the kitchen with students at Shaw Middle School, students whose parents struggle to put food on the table.

Chef Alli formed the non-profit "Microgreens" and shows children how to cook healthy meals on a tight, but very realistic budget of just 90 cents a person.

This week, they made pulled pork sandwiches. And pickled carrots.

They also learn how to make every penny count at the grocery store.

“We teach these kids how to purchase power, so instead of grabbing that loaf of bread, you grab the 20 pound bag of brown rice,” Sosna says. “And it still comes in at about 11 cents per cup.”

The students like the after-school class so much, they're actually excited about helping out at home.

“It gives me an opportunity to know when I grow up how to actually stretch my dollar,” says student N'Kyra Williams.