Charlottesville council members pass 'peace resolution' against war in Iran

Charlottesville council members approve a resolution against U.S. military action in Iran

Charlottesville council members on Tuesday urged the White House and the U.S. Congress to end foreign wars.

Charlottesville's City Council approved a so-called “peace resolution,” which asks that the U.S. refrain from any new military action in Iran. The resolution urges Congress and the president to “end foreign ground and drone wars” and “refrain from entering new military ventures in Iran” and shift military spending to domestic priorities.

The U.S. has already imposed a series of sanctions on Iran targeted towards their economy and their oil industry.

The Daily Progress reports that Councilor Kathy Galvin abstained from voting after amendments she proposed were disregarded. Galvin had sought to delete references to Iran and to revise the wording to make it clear that the council supports U.S. troops and the office of the president.

Galvin says her changes would have strengthened the resolution.