Charlie Adkins, retired Army major, found dead from neck injury

WOODBRIGE, Va. (WJLA) - The vital work of solving a homicide can be, at times, tedious.

On Monday, while children were heading home in this usually quiet Woodbridge neighborhood, Prince William County Police Detectives were asking this community for help at the corner of Cotton Mill Drive and Griffith Avenue,

"We're handing out flyers in reference to last week's homicide," said Officer Jonathan Perok with Prince William County Police.

Last week, a female friend had not heard from 78-year-old Charlie Adkins, a retired Army major and regular at the local senior center, for days. So she stopped by his townhouse on Caledonia Circle.

"She found that the door was unsecured. She thought that was suspicious, so she called police," explained Perok.

Police found Adkins inside, dead from a neck injury.

While there were no signs of forced entry, they believe Adkins was murdered – though whether the suspect was a stranger or someone he knew is still a question to be answered.

"It's horrible," said neighbor Nancy Doggett. "78 years old. I don't know the details. Whatever they are, it's horrible."

Nancy Doggett has lived here for 25 years, and she has never seen this level of violence in her community. She and others are hoping for quick closure on this case.

"It's really kind of shocking because this is a really quiet neighborhood usually," she said.