Charles Severance preliminary hearing includes girlfriend Linda Robra as first witness

(WJLA) - Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman’s first witness was Linda Robra – Charles Severance’s girlfriend with whom he lived for more than three years at her home in Ashburn.

Robra testified that she possessed two .38 revolvers, but that Severance had encouraged her to buy the two smaller .22’s:

“Charles showed me a picture of the gun online, and said it would be a good gun for me because it’s small and I have small hands.”

Plowman followed up by asking whose idea it was to purchase two of them, and Robra responded by saying it was Charles, adding later that he even showed her how to load the gun.

Robra also testified that in March of this year, after Alexandria Police made it clear that they wanted to speak with Severance about his possible connection to the murders of Nancy Dunning, Ron Kirby, and Ruthanne Lodato, Severance left before the meeting happened – and then the .22’s were gone.

But Severance’s defense attorney Ed Ungvarsky asked Robra: “Did you purchase those pistols for self-defense?" She answered yes, and that she did not purchase them for Severance, contrary to what was written in the police warrant.

Robra also testified that he left because he didn’t want to be around police and said he was going to go camping instead.

Ungvarsky claimed Robra had reason to cooperate with authorities during a search of her home because she had in her possession half a pound of marijuana, and that according to Plowman, Robra was not going to be charged for possession.

However, Robra was reportedly never promised complete immunity for her cooperation.