Charles Severance: Battle continues over return to Virginia

(WJLA) - For more than a month, Charles Severance has remained a prisoner in West Virginia, with his public defender vehemently fighting his return to Virginia. However, prosecutors continue to argue that he must be sent back.

Defense Attorney Shayne Welling has called the prosecution’s case a sham and an abuse of power. Severance was arrested in Wheeling on March 13 on felony gun charges in Loudoun County.

But in court filings, Welling claims investigators truly want Severance in connection with three high-profile Alexandria murders.

In the typically quiet town of Alexandria, the recent murders have stoked fears of a serial killer. Police continue to say that the killings could be connected but that nothing is definite yet.

Welling says: “Alexandria created a fiction to reacquire…Severance, pending the outcome of their homicide investigation,” which he calls illegal, unconscionable, and unforgivable.

Prosecutor Scott Smith responded by stating Severance was a fugitive wanted on gun charges, and for those reasons, should be extradited back to Virginia.

He argues the prosecution “in no way concedes or agrees with any of the arguments posited by respondent.”