Charles Godfrey wins trip to NASA shuttle launch tweet-up

A Loudoun county man will soon get to witness history and write about it, too.

Charles Godfrey was chosen by NASA as one of 150 people to attend the final shuttle launch and tweet about it.

“I'd love to work for NASA and be a scientist but that didn't work out so for now I'm a software engineer,” Godfrey said.

Godfrey is a self-professed space travel nut. He became consumed with thoughts of trips to the stars as a teenager 20 years ago when he saw his first space shuttle launch on TV.

His fascination with space and his productivity on the social media site Twitter landed him the invitation from NASA to travel to Florida and watch the final launch of space shuttle Atlantis.

He followed the NASA updates on the service and went to a special “tweet up,” a meeting of Twitter users which are invited to post live updates from the event.

“The NASA tweet-up for the final launch. That's the holy grail of NASA tweet-ups,” Godfrey said. “To get the opportunity to go is… it blows me away.”

He's off to the Kennedy Space Center to tweet away about his experience at the July 8th launch.

The 34-year-old father of three has passed his love for space travel to his oldest daughter Mia. Unfortunately, he can't bring her along on the trip.

“It kind of broke my heart a little to tell her this is for daddy only,” he said.

Godfrey is promising his nearly 500 twitter followers lots of behind-the-scenes pictures of the launch.

You can follow him at