Charles County temporarily suspends speed cameras

Photo: Brad Bell/ABC7

Thousands of speeding tickets issued in Charles County will be either refunded or forgiven after the county was forced to turn them off Wednesday over a problem with signage.

The county's three cameras were temporarily taken out of service because authorities recently identified an issue concerning a camera's placement in relation to a school zone sign.

“What happened here is there was a breakdown in the checks and balances system of the infrastructure,” says Maj. Buddy Gibson of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

Cheers were mostly heard among those who often drive the roads.

“I think it’s very unfair and that it needs to be taken out,” says Deborah Smalls. “The citizens are being taken advantage of.”

“I think they’re all about money, getting money,” says Megan Battaglia. “Money-hungry people.”

But there are others, including the police, who are eager to get the program back up to keep the speeds down.

“I wish people stayed within [the] speed limits, didn’t run red lights... but they do, so it helps,” says Jennifer Decker.

Because of the issue, the Charles County Sheriff's Office will likely have to pay back or cancel about 4,000 improperly issued speed camera citations.