Charles 'Chuck' Duckett missing in Triadelphia Watershed

The search for Duckett is scheduled to resume on Monday morning. (Photo: WSSC)

The search for a missing Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission employee who went missing at the Triadelphia Reservoir will continue into Tuesday.

Authorities continue to search for Charles "Chuck" Duckett. Duckett's family and friends are remaining hopeful, even as officials say that the likelihood that the missing 35-year-old could survive days in freezing water is unlikely.

"We're not giving up. Please help us find him, and keep him in your prayers until we do," read a Duckett family friend, Erin Coleman, on behalf of Duckett's family, at WSSC's Brighton Dam facility.

Officials say Duckett went missing on Friday near Brighton Dam. Search crews found a personal flotation device in the water, but Duckett was gone.

Temperatures in the water stayed around the 45 degree mark throughout the weekend.

"We desperately need Chuck back with us," Coleman said.

Duckett, married with three children, has worked for the WSSC for 12 years.

Authorities have searched thousands of heavily wooded acres for Duckett, 35. Duckett was working at the reservoir recovering deer carcasses from a managed hunt at the time of his disappearance.

His boat was found about 300 yards from where he launched it.

"I want to express our deepest concerns for the Duckett family," said General Manager/CEO Jerry N. Johnson in a statement. "We are using every available resource and sparing no effort to locate Mr. Duckett. We are also doing everything we can to help the family in what is obviously a difficult time."

Duckett is not the first person to go missing at the reservoir this year. In early June, Bruce Orlando Yansen, 21, disappeared while swimming at Triadelphia.

The Olney man's body was found shortly thereafter.