Charles Amofa arrested for allegedly abducting, sexually assaulting girls

Surveillance footage shows the suspect, Charles Amofa, allegedly leading an 8-year-old girl away in July.

Surveillance video of a man arrested and accused of kidnapping and, in one case, sexually assaulting two young girls in Prince George's County has been released by investigators.

The man pictured in the video is identified by Prince George's County Police officials as 25-year-old Charles Amofa of Chillum. He's charged with kidnapping, sexual abuse, child abuse and assault in connection with the two alleged incidents.

Police say Amofa admitted to both alleged crimes.

The girls, ages 8 and 6, were taken from the Value Village Thrift Store in the 2200 block of University Boulevard on July 9 and Aug. 6. Amofa is being held without bond.

In the more recent alleged assault, police say Amofa lured the 6-year-old girl from the thrift store to a nearby park on Monday afternoon and sexually assaulted her.

Authorities released surveillance video of an earlier July abduction Wednesday. The video can be viewed above.

In the video, police say Amofa is seen in a yellow shirt and the alleged victim is seen trailing behind him.

After Amofa and the little girl disappear from the view of the surveillance camera, police believe he led her down this sidewalk and into the side yard of a vacant home. Police say Amofa then began to tug at the little girl's clothing. She screamed and managed to get away.

Now police sources say detectives are looking at, among other things, Amofa's Facebook page and online activity to determine if there are more victims.

In the most recent alleged attack, the girl’s father reported the girl missing to Officer Fredys Castro-Rivas, who found the girl. Castro-Rivas says after searching a short time he spied the girl with suspect Amofa in a field at the park.

"She seemed very desperate, and the only thing coming out of her mouth was, 'I want my daddy, I want my daddy'," Castro-Rivas said.

Rivas got the girl away from the suspect, who was taken into custody.

Value Village customer Jermica Briscoe says the store kept announcing over the intercom for parents to keep their kids close after Monday's incident.

"I was wondering why they were stressing that," Briscoe added.