Charges filed against Jeff Smith, another former D.C. Council candidate linked to Jeffrey Thompson

Jeff Smith ran for D.C. Council in Ward 1 back in 2010. (Photo: YouTube/screenshot)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJLA) - Charges were officially filed against 2010 City Council candidate Jeff Smith in D.C. Superior Court Monday.

Smith, from Ward 1, is the latest in a long line of both seated and would-be D.C. politicians accused of making false statements about campaign contributions linked to "money man" Jeffrey Thompson.

Smith and Thompson, along with other unnamed individuals, are accused of working together to "make, receive and conceal" campaign contributions for Smith in excess of the $500 from any one source that was the maximum allowed during the period of 2007 to 2011.

Around the end of December 2010, Smith is accused of filing or ordering a campaign staff member to file a false report that "misrepresented and concealed the excessive and unreported in-kind contributions provided directly and indirectly by Jeffrey Thompson."

The in-kind contributions include using Thompson's money to pay for campaign services and materials for Smith's council bid.

Jeffrey Thompson has long been suspected of funding what prosecutors called a $653,000 "shadow campaign" for Democratic Mayor Vincent Gray, also in 2010.

Thompson was charged in March with conspiring to violate federal campaign finance laws, submitting false filings to the Internal Revenue Service and conspiring to violate district campaign finance laws.

Many suspect Mayor Gray knew about the shadow campaign, though Gray has staunchly denied any knowledge.

Several of Thompson's other associates have also pleaded guilty in federal court, including two who worked on Gray's 2010 campaign.

Two other associates have pleaded guilty to making straw contributions to political candidates on his behalf, and another acknowledged using illicit funds to help Hillary Rodham Clinton run for president in 2008. The cases outlined Thompson's extensive financial backing of his favored candidates for federal, state and local office.

The scandal undoubtedly tainted Gray's re-election campaign. Gray lost the Democratic Primary to Councilwoman Muriel Bowser in April.

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