Chandra Levy case: Post trial hearing for Ingmar Guandique

WASHINGTON (WJLA/AP) -- Ingmar Guandique is doing time largely because of the testimony of a key witness. A fellow inmate told jurors that Grandique told him he had killed Washington intern Chandra Levy while she was running in Rock Creek Park.

Witness Armondo Morales said this was the first time he had cooperated with prosecutors, and the months of hearings leading up to Monday’s disclosure went on in secret in order to protect Morales.

“It’s hard to understand that there is the need for so much secrecy for this long, but hopefully we're close to having issues resolved," said media attorney, Patrick Carome.

ABC 7 learned on Monday that Morales had provided information about three murders and a drug and weapons operation at an Atlanta prison. Meanwhile, defense attorneys want to know how many federal agencies were aware that Morales had cooperated with federal authorities while incarcerated.

They find it hard to believe that prosecutors here in D.C. were unaware of Morales’ actions.

It was announced Monday that previously private court documents and transcripts of hearings related to the case will be made public -- some immediately and other by the end of the week.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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