Chairlifts donated to Md. couple married for 60 years

Rev. Dr. Hennie Brown Jr. got the lift of his life.

Two chairlifts installed in his house brought him and his wife of 60 years back together again.

"I could not navigate the steps," said Brown.

"It was a complete change in lifestyle for us," said Matilda Brown, Rev. Brown’s wife.

Mr. Brown's church family built a wheelchair ramp that leads to his basement. And that is where he lived for a year.

"The first few weeks I actually cried," said Matilda Brown.

Cancerous tumors on his spine made it difficult for Brown to walk or go upstairs. So he slept alone in the basement until Adventist Healthcare nurse Daniele Hill thought she could make a difference.

"We want to make sure that they're comfortable in their home and their environments help them to heal," said Hill.

A partnership with Adventist Healthcare and Rebuilding Together brought in the chairlifts for the Browns in January, free for them.

"We partner with contractors, and we do get work done at a much less expensive rate because of the care that they have," said Christina Johnson, Executive Director for Rebuilding Together Montgomery County.

Rev. Brown likes showing off his new ride. He's still going through cancer treatment, but he's able to walk better and to explore his house.

"It made me know that she cared a lot for me because she had to do everything for me," said Rev. Brown.

The Browns are the first couple to benefit from the new partnership between Adventist Healthcare and Rebuilding Together. Recipients have to be a patient of Adventist Healthcare and own their home.

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