Centreville man says lynching not implied by hanging 'Nobama' chair from tree

Freedom of speech or a symbol of lynching the President of the United States?

A controversy surrounds a Fairfax County man's political stand.

Weeks after Clint Eastwood's infamous speech at the Republican National Convention in which he talked at length to an empty chair as if President Obama was sitting in it, a Centreville man hung a chair from a tree with a sign saying "Nobama" attached to it.

Doug Burger says he's not sure what all the fuss is about. It was his own protest in his own yard. Nothing racist about it he says. Not a threat.

Burger says he doesn't understand why anybody would link his protest to that of lynchings.

Still he managed to get on the radar of the Secret Service.

WATCH: ABC7's Roz Plater is the only television reporter to talk to the man. Hear his side of the story.

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