Center for Science in the Public Interest says prepared foods bad for kids

They are convenient and can be inexpensive. But healthy food advocates are sounding the alarm about restaurant kids meals.

From McDonald’s to Popeye’s to Ruby Tuesday's, the Center for Science in the Public Interest say many are bad for our children.

“It's hard to eat out,” says parent Lisa Vich. “It's hard to eat healthy.”

The nutrition watchdog group studied 3,500 combinations from 41 top chain restaurants.

Most were packed with calories, sodium and saturated fat.

Nine of the top food chains, including McDonald’s, do not have a single kids meal that meet restaurant industry healthy food standards.

“If you're eating out breakfast, lunch or dinner or snack a couple of times a week, these meals can really mean the difference between kids having a healthy diet or not,” says Margo Wootan, director of nutrition policy at Center for Science in the Public Interest.

While many restaurants came up short CSPI did recognize Subway and Outback for its effort in making its kids menus healthier.

Parents know they have the final say on what their children eat, but wish restaurant would offer more choices.

“Look at all the fast food with all the fried food,” says parent Courtney Barnes. “There's not much you can choose from besides fried food.”