Census Bureau: D.C. is becoming whiter, younger, richer

The U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey was released today and it shows that D.C. is becoming whiter, younger and richer.

Some are calling it a "population evolution" in the District, as African Americans are moving out to the suburbs, while wealthy whites are moving in.

According to the report, D.C. was 60 percent black, 30 percent white a decade ago. But it's now 50 percent black, 35 percent white. It shows that 42,000 blacks have left the city and 47,000 whites have moved in.

And the citys' a lot richer. Median income is up from $40,000 to $61,000.

The survey shows D.C.'s getting younger, too, with median age now of 34 years, six months younger than in the year 2000.

Also, the city's Hispanic and Asian populations are up with 8,000 more Hispanics and 2,000 more Asians.

ABC7's Sam Ford has the story, including what some pastors are saying is an attack on people because of their income and age.