Cell phones are turning us into nasty people, study finds

Sure people can be obnoxious with their phones - but two new reports say that smartphone is kind of making you a...backside of a donkey.

A team of researchers from the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business found after just a couple minutes on the phone, 20 somethings were significantly less interested in helping others.

A survey from cell phone insurer Asurion found about half of people have sent a risqué text, almost one-in-five would put up with a date who was on the phone the entire night and about 30 percent said their cell is more helpful than their partner because its more entertaining and has an off switch.

When asked if it would be harder to live without a cell phone or boyfriend, cell phone user Allison Weinstock said she’d have a harder time living without a cell phone. But she also said she wouldn’t be able to choose.

“Almost now you need your phone to keep in touch with your relationship,” she says.