Cell phone video shows bus driver in confrontation, throwing man off bus

Cell phone video taken on what appears to be a Metrobus shows the driver physically throwing a man off the bus.

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“A man who appears to be a Metrobus operator interacts with a potential rider, begins to argue, and physically shoves the man from the bus.

The wannabe rider appears to be asking the driver to take him to "just the next stop" (without payment?) as the driver refuses,” TBD On Foot’s John Hendel writes.

“’Hold up, brother, I ain't done nothing to nobody or nothing,’ (the rider) tells the apparent Metrobus operator before his body is shoved, with an audible landing, onto the ground.”

Metro is investigating the claim. The short clip was uploaded on video-sharing website i-Tube on the afternoon of September 4, Hendel reports. View the clip below.