Cecil Mills: Firefighter reports released in Engine 26 death

(WJLA) - When 77-year-old Cecil Mills collapsed across the street from Engine 26 back in January, five D.C. Fire and EMS employees were inside the station. But none of them walked over to help, and Mills died later that day.

On Monday, the agency detailed the administrative charges and specifications leveled against one of those firefighters. His name is George Martin.

Sources confirm to ABC 7 News, and we also checked online, that Martin is a member of the D.C. Fire Hockey team. The roster lists Martin as the captain: Number 26.

The document written by the Assistant Chief of Operations states: “In his special report, FF/EMT Martin deceptively and evasively describes the incident..."

Meanwhile, Martin’s report says he was: “Cleaning up after lunch, heard the rookie FF Jones call Lt. Davis to come to the watch was urgent."

Martin also insists that he “heard nothing else until the run was dispatched.”

According to a city investigation, firefighter Garrett Murphy – who also faces punishment for his actions that day – told the Lieutenant in charge about the incident. But his special report contradicts Martin’s report:

"FF/EMT Garrett Murphy confirms that after speaking with Probationer Jones at the watch desk, ‘I went back to the kitchen and told FF Dave Dennis and FF George Martin that a rookie had a man down across the street.’”

Yet the department alleges that "Martin showed virtually no concern for this patient” and “rather than initiate a response, Martin did absolutely nothing."