Cause philanthropub opening in D.C.

In a town filled with trendy bars and restaurants D.C.'s newest potential hotspot might have the most unique twist.

Welcome to the country's first philanthrobar: Cause D.C. on 9th Street Northwest.

The idea is the brainchild of Raj Ratwani and his friend Nick Vilette. They met while working in a doctoral program at George Mason University. Nick went off to the peace corps and Raj finished his doctorate in psychology. When they got back together they had a beer at a local bar and talked about ways to give back to society.

They gathered their own money, found some investors, began raising funds and then bought an abandoned 25-hundred-square-foot, two story Italian restaurant on 9th Street. They then began turning it into Cause.

They pledge every penny they make after paying their operating costs goes to charitable organizations. Adam Stein will be their chief chef. Right now, he's helping with renovations.

Every three months, Cause will feature three to six charitable organizations and when a customer gets their bill at the end of the night, they designate which charity the profits go to.

The owners will take no salaries and say they will post their financial records on the walls inside monthly. Cause should be open for business in a week or so.

Many people love the idea.

“That's actually great news,” says Robert Nadine. “I wish more bars and restaurants would do that.”