Caught on tape: Black bear foraging at Loudoun County home

Photo: Lisa Joyce

Black bears are often seen in rural Virginia, but rarely in the suburbs.

One Loudoun County woman came face to face with one last weekend. And she ran to get her camera to document the bear's visit.

Now Lisa Joyce shares the videotape with ABC7 to prove what happened.

"He came up to the deck and up to the back door and put his nose on the back door, trying to see," she says.

She thought the bear might be able to push that door in, but he didn't.

She also got videotape of the bear helping himself to her bird feeder.

And she shows us how he cracked open the feeder to get to the seeds.

Weighing 250 to 500 pounds, these solitary bears are coming out of hibernation early because of our mild Spring weather. And they spend up to 20 hours a day eating.

Black bears visit homes because they're attracted to food, including{ } bird seeds, dog or cat food left outside, or trash. Anything they can scavenge through for scraps.

In addition to the video, she has still photos of her visitor stealing two trash bags.