Caught on Camera: Fox swipes Easter eggs before hunt

Caught on Camera: Fox swipes Easter eggs before hunt (Surveillance Footage Screenshot)

The Joffee family is still talking about an Easter Sunday surprise that began with an annual tradition that will never be the same.

“My husband put out eggs at about 10: 45 and 11 o'clock at night,” says Katie Joffee.

The Joffee’s have surveillance cameras outside their home in Vienna. Micah Joffee hid eggs throughout his property Saturday night so his young children could partake in an Eastern egg hunt the following morning.

Keep in mind, each plastic egg comes with a chocolate treat inside. The next morning Katie Joffee was the first to venture outside.

“And I look out the front door and I didn’t see anything," Katie Joffee said. "I didn’t see any eggs. We all come outside and there’s about one or two in sight and my husband is mouthing to me somebody took the eggs. Somebody took the eggs. That’s nuts.”

At first, she suspects sticky fingered teenagers, but as it turns out, the blame actually rests firmly on a furry creature that prefers to hunt at night.

“We spotted the fox taking an egg off one of these little bushes here," Micah Joffee said.

They realized, after pouring over surveillance footage, that a crafty neighborhood fox was the guilty party.

“We can only deduct that over time the fox took about 30 eggs.”

And left only a few, partially chewed up eggs, behind.

“It was a very happy Easter. We have family over for brunch. Everyone enjoyed themselves and everyone at plenty of candy.”

Including a fox with quite the sweet tooth.

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