Catholic Student Karissa Ronkin treatment on Metro sparks outrage

Catholic Student Karissa Ronkin treatment on Metro sparks outrage.

Cell phone video shows a Metro Police Officer chase Karissa Ronkin and throw her to the ground.

Ronkin uttered an expletive moments before during an argument.

“I don’t know why he took her down in the first place. She wasn’t threatening him,” said district resident Ellen Shupe.

In a video of the event, you repeatedly hear Officer Andy Vihn tell Ronkin to stop resisting. You clearly hear her saying she isn’t resisting.

For several minutes, the only movement you see is Ronkin try to pull her skirt down which was thrown above her waist.

Ronkin, 21, a Catholic University student at the time, had been horsing around with friends. This apparently prompted Officer Vihn to bar their entrance to Metro.

Ronkin's attorney calls this an example of police brutality and a blatant violation of First and Fourth Amendments. The video drew sharp criticism from other metro passengers on Monday evening.

“That’s not ok. She was leaving anyway, so I don’t know what the point was,” said district resident Justin Joseph.

“He is completely embarrassing her in public for no reason at all. That seems a little harsh,” Shupe said.