Cat shot with arrow in Anne Arundel County

Xena, 2, had the two-foot arrow removed from her shoulder at a Bowie hospital. Photo: Anne Arundel County Police

Anne Arundel County authorities are searching for the person who shot a cat with an arrow near Davidsonsville.

Xena, a 2-year-old cat, was found near a home in the 300 block of Riva Road with a two-foot arrow sticking out of its shoulder. The scared cat was not able to be captured for two days.

On Friday, animal control officers were able to catch Xena. They then took the cat to an animal rescue facility in Hardwood, then to a veterinary hospital in Bowie. It was there where the arrow was removed from the cat.

Xena was released from veterinary care on Saturday and continues to recover.

A search is on for the person responsible for shooting the cat with the arrow. Anyone with information is asked to contact Anne Arundel Animal Control at (410) 222-8900.