Casey Cares Foundation hosts pajama party

Every year, the Casey Cares Foundation hosts a pajama party to help raise the spirits of sick children. This year's event pays tribute to those integral to the healing process - moms.

Forty-eight hours after suffering an asthma attack, 11-year-old Amina Alzouma is still in the hospital.

"I don't have much energy, and I have to breathe a lot," Amina said.

Her mother, Dana Alzouma, is staying in the small hospital room with her.

Amina added, “I feel more secure when I wake up with someone that I know.”

Every three hours, night and day, Amina gets a breathing treatment.

"You know, you feel kind of helpless. I would say the hardest part is not getting the sleep," Dana explained.

The goal of the Casey Cares Foundation is to help mothers like Dana by providing uplifting, ongoing programs for critically ill children. The pajama party is just one of those events.

The foundation has been doing the pajama party for the past four years. This is the first year the theme has been Mother's Day.

Debi Katzenberger, with the Casey Cares Foundation, created the "Kami's Jammies' Party in honor of her granddaughter who died five years ago.

"Moms' are very special to the healing process. They're very special in these cases," Katzenberger said. "When I come here and see the kids in their pajamas and doing the crafts she loved so much, it's like she's here with us."

This Mother's Day, Dana has just one wish.

"I want my daughter to get better of course! And a hot shower. That would be wonderful!"