Casa de Maryland rallies at White House, urges president to stop deporting parents

Members of Casa de Maryland rallied outside the White House Thursday to urge President Barack Obama to stop deporting parents and separating families across international lines.

With Mother’s Day just days away, the advocacy group for undocumented residents gathered members and supporters. They were carrying signs and wearing t-shirts for the cause.

“Well, sometimes you want to cry when you see that many families are separated,” says Marcella Campos, a protester and undocumented Maryland resident.

“The United States is their home,” says Ashwini Jaisingh, a community organizer for Casa de Maryland. “We should be keeping families together right now.”

The rally comes as debate begins on Capitol Hill over the most broad-sweeping immigration reform in nearly three decades.

Parts of the bipartisan legislation aim to help families attain visas. But experts can’t say for sure if or when the bill will pass.

And ralliers at the White House say change must come now.

“Our communities here are in crisis, families every day are being separated,” Jaisingh says. “Kids are being orphaned by deportations that are happening. So our families absolutely cannot wait.”

Event organizers say the cause doesn't end here. They say every day Congress takes up this bill, their members will be handing out flower-shaped cards like this that read “Don't deport this mother.”