Cars shot by BB gun in Fairfax County

Neighbors in Springfield are on the lookout after a car shooting spree. Fairfax County police know of at least a dozen cars hit by a pellet of BB gun in the past week.

The majority of the crimes took place in the Newington Forest and Terra Grande neighborhoods.

Police are calling the incidents "crimes of destruction". Whoever pulled the trigger gained nothing. Nothing was stolen. The suspect(s) just created a mess.

Those left cleaning up say enough is enough.

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Darlene Mihaloew said, "I just drove around to see where there were piles of glass laying around the street, and I found these."

Mihaloew snapped pictures of eight cars hit last week. She's the neighborhood watch coordinator in Terra Grande.

"We've had a rash of car incidents lately," she continued.

Her car was stolen back in Aug. That same night, several others were broken into. Luckily, the suspects in those cases were caught.

But the BB gun shooting spree has neighbors worried about what's next.

Tammy Boone, a Terra Grande resident, said, "It makes us nervous now by parking in the street...What are we going to come out to the next day and find wrong with the car? Flat tire? Windows shot? Who knows."

Fairfax County police have released surveillance video recorded the morning of Nov. 29. The footage shows a silver Honda CRV roll past an SUV parked in a driveway. The driver then backs up and someone shoots before speeding off.

"It disturbs everybody because everybody has to park the car on the streets," victim Ahmed Malik said.

Malik had to pay more than $200 to replace a window on his Corvette.

"...I've been living here for the past 11 years and I never say anything happen like this," Malik added.

He and his neighbors are sending a strong message to those responsible.

"Find something else to do," Terra Grande resident Ed Bryant said. "They're probably just looking for something to do and finding fun in a way that's really messed up."

The neighborhood watch coordinator says you don't have to wait for something to happen to call police. If you wake up in the middle of the night, take a peak outside your window. If you see something unusual, call 911.