Carmen Jean-Baptiste, former lifeguard awarded $3.5 million

Carmen Jean-Baptiste is relieved the six year battle is over. Today, a federal jury awarded her $3.5 million in a sexual harassment lawsuit .

Jean-Baptiste was a life guard at the Takoma aquatic center in the summer of 2006 when she said her boss, Ronald Weaver, repeatedly harassed her, asked her out on dates, leered at her in her bathing suit and made vulgar comments.

When her protests were ignored, she filed a written complaint. A few days later, she was terminated.

The jury not only awarded the 43-year-old District resident the hefty damages, it also hand-wrote a list of recommendations to judge Royce Lamberth, asking the District to review and clarify its sexual harassment policies and investigate all employees' actions at the Takoma pool that year.

“He added it's the first time in 24 years on the bench he's ever had that kind of request,” says attorney Timothy Fleming.

No criminal charges were filed against weaver and he is still working at a D.C. pool.

A D.C. Parks and Recreation spokesman told ABC7 news Friday it is working with the office of the attorney general to review the verdict and get guidance on next steps.