Carbon monoxide sickens couple twice in two days

Firefighters are stressing the need for carbon monoxide detectors in homes after two people were hospitalized twice from the dangerous gas.

It all started Tuesday with a 911 call for a man in his seventies with health problems. He wasn’t feeling well so he went to the hospital. Wednesday was his wife’s turn. Feeling sick, she called 911 and a different ambulance crew gave her a ride to the hospital.{ }

Later the same day another ambulance crew went to the house on Wentworth Drive after a neighbor found another resident, a man in his fifties with complications from diabetes, dead in the house.{ }

Another call was made to 911 Thursday.{ }The same man and woman who got sick Tuesday and Wednesday were sick again. This time firefighters detected high levels of carbon monoxide and found a disconnected furnace vent in the house. Neighbors wonder why it wasn’t caught sooner.{ }

“It shouldn’t have taken four times to catch the carbon monoxide escaping like that,” says Marvin Randle.

A county spokesperson says when more than one person in a home is sick they look for CO. That wasn’t the case in the early calls. Additionally, the different crews were not informed of the prior calls of a policy designed to speed response time. Fire department spokesman Mark Brady says the medics just didn’t know.

“They had no idea of a relationship with these illnesses and death to possible carbon monoxide exposure,” says Brady.

He says the colorless, odorless gas needs to be taken seriously.

“It’s going to affect you and the only time you know you’re feeling affected by CO it’s too late because you’re sick,” says Brady. “The best and only way to detect CO in your home is to purchase and install a CO detector.”

The couple was released from the hospital and is now staying with a friend.