Carbon monoxide poisoning in SE displaces 16 people

A gas leak in Southeast D.C. sent several people, including children, to the hospital and displaced 16 people due to a carbon monoxide leak Monday afternoon.

City inspectors are still going through the condominium near Barry Farms in SE. The cause appears to be a faulty furnace. About 16 people, including four children and an infant, were taken to local hospitals.

Firefighters received a call about 1:30 p.m. of a gas leak. Emergency personnel quickly realized it wasn't a gas leak but carbon monoxide and went door-to-door evacuating the building.

"I was smelling something, the next thing you know the fire department is at the door saying to evacuate," said Hajid Jordon.

Most of the residents were unaware anything was wrong.

"I was ready to go to sleep when the fire department knocked on the door," said a resident. "Good thing they did."

Resident Antwon Hardy saw the mother of a baby passed out.

"They took her to the hospital," Hardy said.

Inspectors are here now trying to determine what caused the leak and whether or not its safe for residents to return. Even if they can return, there will not be any heat. Many of the doors to the condos had to be kicked in by firefighters during the evacuation.