Carbon monoxide leak sickens mother, daughter

Police aren't sure what caused a carbon monoxide leak that sent two to the hospital Monday. Photo: Kendall Griggs/WJLA

A mother and her young daughter were taken to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak at their apartment in NW Washington Monday afternoon.

Firefighters found high levels of the odorless gas in three apartment buildings. Two other neighbors were checked out in ambulances. Fire officials say a faulty furnace could be to blame.

Police say the mother was taken to Washington Hospital in serious but stable condition. The 8-year-old girl is stable at Children's.

Chiquita Jackson was inside her apartment next door. Her five kids were playing in another room. They quickly came outside, some of her children still wearing their nightgowns from their afternoon naps.

“It’s scary because it’s a silent killer,” she says. “I wouldn’t have even known if something was wrong with my kids if they didn’t knock on the door.”

Police aren't sure what caused the leak.