Car2Go arrives in D.C.

It could be the traffic jam or the parking tickets.

But it's clear users of D.C.s new car-sharing service haven't caught on to Car2Go's unique business model.

Kate Williams is noticing the new cars, which users can drop off anywhere in a restricted area. But if they're parked illegally, drivers will be forced to pay for tickets or towing.

“It's very convenient,” says Williams. “I think it's great for people who don't have a car and you want to zip around and do errands.”

These may be some of the smallest cars on D.C.'s streets - but don't be fooled. Car2Go hopes to make a big dent in the local car-sharing market, currently dominated by Zipcar.

Zipcar has 800 vehicles here and has been a presence in the local market for 12 years.

Zipcar user Steven Rentz says the company has a monopoly on the market, charging drivers anywhere from $8 to $11 for an hour behind the wheel. Car2Go's hourly rate is $14.

“I feel like if another one is going to come into the game now, it's going to have something that's really interesting like the Southwest of Zipcar where it's like 25 cents,” Rentz says.